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Get the LiveScore App

For an even better LiveScore experience on your mobile device you can download the LiveScore app. The LiveScore app includes all the features available on, plus much more. The LiveScore app is available on iOS and Android devices.

iPhone & iPad

To download the app on an iOS device, simply search for LiveScore in the App Store.


There are a number of ways to download our app on an Android device.


Download the app from the Google Play Store by searching for LiveScore.

The following options will require you to allow the installation of unknown apps for your preferred browser. This is completely safe. To do this:

Access your Settings
Select the Apps option & choose your Browser
“Install unknown apps”
Select the Install unknown apps option
Enable this Option

Download the app directly using the download button below and following the instructions.

Download LiveScore App

Download the app directly by scanning the QR code below and following the instructions.