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LiveScore Application DOWNLOAD from Apple iTunes App Store

Building on the success of our LiveScore iPhone Web Application released in January 2009, we are now excited to announce the release of our new iPhone & iPod Touch native application.

The features and functionality of both applications are similar however the main difference is that the Web Application is an optimized mini-website while our new Native Application can be installed directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch (first it needs to be downloaded from Apple iTunes App Store).

We have decided to go one step further in offering you installable application that runs natively on your iPhone & iPod Touch and as such is easier to use, more responsive, with optimized and minimal data transfers.

The new LiveScore native application is currently available for free download from the Apple iTunes App Store.

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iPhone & iPod Touch web application

To access and our real-time score service wherever you are with your iPhone or iPod Touch, connect to :

iPhone Web Application is an optimized mini-website. This version was designed for iPhone (and iPod Touch) and as such may not display correctly in some browsers. For best experience use your iPhone or iPod Touch built-in browser (Safari).

Alternatively, try the iPhone Simulator on your Mac or PC with either Safari or Firefox browser (Internet Explorer is unable to display correctly the iPhone content).

Currently featured on Apple Inc. website as Staff Pick and is listed under Most Popular in the Sports category :

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