Cricket: Match Fall of Wickets

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5 Days Test (3rd Match)
November 30, 2012 - December 5, 2012
South Africa
South Africa won by 309 runs
111.5 Starc to M.Morkel ( 569/10 )
Clean Bowled. Starc has cleaned up Morne here, A fast yorker that bends back in sharply, Morne hangs back but he is late in getting the bat down, the leg stump is detonated out of the ground, the target for Australia will be 632.
111.3 Starc to D.Steyn ( 569/9 )
Catch OUT. Starc gets a five wicket haul, Not the best haul that he has ever taken, but he will take it, Short ball slanted across just outside off and it rears up sharply, Steyn looks to ride the bounce and upper-cut it over third man, he gets an outside edge that is snapped up by Wade, this is his first five wicket haul in Tests, a bitter-sweet moment this.
107.4 Starc to Villiers ( 557/8 )
Catch OUT. Full and well outside off, de Villiers slashes hard and gets a thick edge to the keeper, End of a brilliant innings from de Villiers and he gets a warm ovation from the crowd.
103.5 Starc to R.Peterson ( 539/7 )
Catch OUT. That's the 4th catch that Johnson has taken and all of them have been very good ones, Banged in short by Starc, Peterson tries to pull but gets a top edge, It lobs up in front of mid on and Johnson races forward and slides in to take a good low catch.
102.6 Johnson to F.du Plessis ( 538/6 )
Catch OUT. Mitchell Johnson gets his 4th and it was another good catch, That's been the best part of Australia's stay in the middle, du Plessis poked out at a delivery slanted away and got a thick outside edge that flew low and to the right of first slip.
88.5 Johnson to D.Elgar ( 436/5 )
LBW OUT. That's a pair on debut for Elgar, No easy time to bat in Tests and Elgar has learnt that the hard way, Mitchell Johnson gave him a proper working over before delivering the sucker ball, The two short ones previously kept Elgar in the crease and Mitchell Johnson goes full to trap him plumb in front of middle, Third wicket for Mitchell Johnson, some consolation for Australia and the crowd.
88.1 Johnson to H.Amla ( 436/4 )
Catch OUT. Mitchell Johnson takes another blinder to pick up his second wicket, No double hundred for Amla but he walks off to a standing ovation, It was a full delivery and Amla punches it on the up and down the track, Mitchell Johnson sticks out his right (wrong) hand and latches on to the firm drive, It needed something like this to stop Amla.
51.5 Starc to J.Kallis ( 287/3 )
Catch OUT. It did not look like Australia would take a wicket today but Starc takes the wicket of Kallis, Short ball and on the middle and leg stump, Kallis swivels and goes for the pull but gets a top edge to fine leg, Johnson runs in and takes the catch with both hands.
32.3 Starc to G.Smith ( 206/2 )
Catch OUT. That's the second time an Australian has taken a terrific catch in this session but inbetween 178 runs have been scored at breakneck speed, A much needed breakthrough this for Australia, Starc digs it short yet again, Smith goes for the pull but gets a top edge, It lobs up in the square leg area.
6.6 Johnson to A.Petersen ( 28/1 )
Catch OUT. Excellent catch that from Mitchell Johnson, It was a very good delivery before that, A short, pacy delivery directed into the body, Petersen is late on the shot as he tries to turn it on the onside but gets a leading edge and it lobs up in the air, not far away from the pitch on the offside, Mitchell Johnson races forward, dives full length and takes it with both hands just inches above the ground, An absolutely terrific effort and that will lift the Australian spirits early.