Cricket: Match Fall of Wickets

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South Africa in New Zealand T20I Series - T20I (1st Match) February 17, 2012
Finished South Africa 147/6 ( 20 overs )
New Zealand 148/4 ( 19.2 overs )
New Zealand won by 6 wickets
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18.1M.Morkel to d.Grandhomme ( 136/4 )
Catch OUT. C de Grandhomme looks to clear the big boundary and falls in the process. This was short and outside off, C de Grandhomme looks to pull and does not get hold of it, it went miles in the air and when it dropped down, Levi was safely under it at deep mid-wicket. C de Grandhomme continues to struggle on the international stage.
16.6M.Morkel to Williamson ( 127/3 )
RUN OUT. acks away to a short delivery and punches it on the up and behind point, a couple of bounces and into the ropes, nicely down by Williamson
12.2Duminy to B.McCullum ( 90/2 )
Clean BOWLED. Duminy strikes for SA. It was nicely tossed up outside off and spins back a fraction, Brendon McCullum was cramped for room as he looked to play the cut, gets an inside edge that rolled off the back-leg and into the off-stump. Big wicket this for South Africa.
7.1Theron to Nicol ( 49/1 )
Catch OUT. Nicely down by Amla. This one was full and on the stumps, Nicol chips it in the air without any timing, Amla races in from long on, keeps his eyes on the ball and takes it sliding forward. A much needed wicket for South Africa. Rusty strikes off his first ball.