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South Africa in New Zealand T20I Series - T20I (1st Match) February 17, 2012
Finished South Africa 147/6 ( 20 overs )
New Zealand 148/4 ( 19.2 overs )
New Zealand won by 6 wickets
New Zealand continue their dominant T20 form with a comfortable win. Join us for the 2nd T20 match between these two teams on Sunday. We will be on board at 06:00 GMT( 19:00 local time). It's goodbye for now.
New Zealand led the 3-match series 1-0
Guptill: I am feeling good about my form. It is nice to be contributing to the team. We had good partnerships right through and that helped us winning this match. It was great to start on the winning note, I would like to donate some of my earnings to a club that I support.
Man of the Match - MJ Guptill (New Zealand):- Runs:78 - Balls:55 - 4s:5 - 6s:4 - S/R:141.81.
Brendon McCullum: Martin is in the form of his life and he made this chase look easy. The pitch was two paced at times and the ball was stopping a bit on the bat. We will look to do well in the next match, the crowd has been really great. We pride ourselves in the field and we have done very well in this series so far.
AB de Villiers: We did it not start well today. I did not do well myself. Our bowlers bowled well but they had too little to defend. We were not surprised that they began with spin. The boys fought back very well towards the end but it was not enough. We played well in patches and we will look to do well on Sunday.
Easy chase in the end for New Zealand. Martin Guptill has been in prime form this season and he has helped NZ draw first blood. He got some useful support from Nicol, Brendon and Williamson on the way. The SA bowlers were good but were defending a total which was under par. They will look to do better in the 2nd match at Hamilton.
New Zealand won by 6 wickets.
19.2 J.Botha to Franklin, 4
FOUR. John Wright has the first say in the battle between two former Indian coaches, this was tossed up outside off, Franklin backs away and drills it all along the carpet wide of long off for the winning boundary.
19.1 J.Botha to Franklin, 2
2 Runs. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Franklin drives it to long on, Guptill is as quick as a hare and races back for the second run. The throw goes to the striker's end, but Franklin makes his ground.
18.6 M.Morkel to Guptill, 2
2 Runs. Full and on the stumps, Guptill drives it to long on, Franklin is very quick and races back for the second run.
18.5 M.Morkel to Franklin, 1
1 Run. Franklin backs away to a short of a length delivery and runs it down to third man for a single.
18.4 M.Morkel to Guptill, 1
1 Run. Low full toss outside off, Guptill does not time the lofted off-drive, goes to the fielder on the bounce.
18.3 M.Morkel to Franklin, 1
1 Run. Good length delivery outside off, Franklin dabs it behind point for a single.
18.2 M.Morkel to Guptill, 1
1 Run. Guptill muscles a good length delivery to long off for a single, Franklin wanted a second but is sent back
James Franklin, left handed bat, comes to the crease
18.1 M.Morkel to d.Grandhomme, W
Catch OUT. C de Grandhomme looks to clear the big boundary and falls in the process. This was short and outside off, C de Grandhomme looks to pull and does not get hold of it, it went miles in the air and when it dropped down, Levi was safely under it at deep mid-wicket. C de Grandhomme continues to struggle on the international stage.
17.6 Theron to Guptill, 4
FOUR. Slower one and lofted to long-off to the boundary for Four, The fielder was bit wide.
17.5 Theron to Guptill, 0
No Run. Guptill has been smacked on the helmet. This was a short delivery on the stumps, Guptill was looking to pull it away behind square and misses, he is hit on the side of the helmet as he falls down. He seems to be OK though, Theron has a apologetic look on his face
17.4 Theron to Guptill, 2
2 Runs. Fuller length delivery on the stumps, Guptill backs away and drives it back past the bowler. The fielder makes a direct hit at the bowler's end but C de Grandhomme raced back in for the second.